Company Profile


Romania: expansion to a new 5000 sqm building, installation of the copper and silver plating process


New facility in Mexico engaged in aluminum die-casting, CNC precision maching and surface treatment


New investment for manufacturing expansion in Romania


Expansion to a four times larger new site for manufacturing operations for die-casting, CNC machining and assembly, in China, Suzhou


Expanded also in China the R&D activities of the group for the development of innovative products and process in our industry


Completed acquisition of CNC machining company in Suzhou, China to bring in house precision machining capacity


Installed magnesium-die casting capability in China for telecom and power tool components


Expansion of manufacturing in Asia with first site in Suzhou, P.R. China dedicated to aluminum die-casting for base stations and other telecom equipment


Entered the telecommunication equipment industry expanding the market in Northern Europe, particularly in Germany; first with the fix line equipment and with the evolution of the technology, in to the wireless communications
In the ’70 the company change to “Fonderia Marchesi Spa” becoming a share limited company and moving into the current site and became an international supplier of multinational corporations


The company was founded by Alessio and Rodolfo Marchesi under the name “Fonderia Alessio Marchesi” to process no ferrous alloys for produce articles for households