• Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHS)
  • Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHS)

    Marchesi is committed to integrating the best practices into our business activities to ensure the safety of our employees, of contractors, of visitors and the welfare of the communities where we operate. EHS excellence is a core value of Marchesi and we will meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations. We will operate our facilities in a manner consistent with those laws and regulations, and urgently respond to any emergency situation that may originate from our operations. We are committed to continuously improving our EHS performance and will not be satisfied until we reach our goal of zero injuries and maintain our zero environmental non-conformances

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Marchesi encourages its employees to exhibit a strong sense of social responsibility by serving to enhance the communities in which they live and work



  • Design and operate our facilities and operations with process safety in mind in order to prevent events that could have an adverse impact on people, property and the environment

  • Provide each employee with the skills, knowledge and tools that will enable them to be accountable for performing their work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

  • Empower all employees, contractors and visitors to proactively engage in promoting safe work practices and addressing unsafe behaviors and conditions before they result in an injury or environmental incident

  • Seek partnerships with contractors and suppliers who believe, as we do, that accidents are preventable and that promoting safe work behaviors and ensuring environmental compliance is critical to achieve EHS best practice

  • Committed to energy efficiency, minimizing waste from operations, and preventing pollution Periodically review and report on its EHS performance externally while constantly challenging internally to do better

  • Communicate and engage with employees, regulators, the communities in which we operate, neighbors, customers and investors on its EHS performance.

  • Put into place sufficient and appropriate global standards and resources to ensure we can achieve these goals. We will not consider Marchesi to be a successful company unless the principles of this policy are followed and respected.