Quality Control System

Quality for Marchesi Group translate in meeting and exceeding the requirements of clients. The maintenance of an high standard quality system; the training of the personnel and the deployment of state-of-art measuring equipment are at the basis of any and every action carried on.

Among our inspection main equipment is deployed:

  • Metal analysis spectrometry
  • Radioscopic x-ray machine with focus 0,1x0,1 mm and 0,4x0,4mm
  • Leak testing
  • Several CMM-programmed inspections (DEA and a large dimension Zeiss machine)
  • 3D optical scanner
  • Conductivity test equipment
  • Tensile strength testing equipment
  • Salt-fog test chambers
  • Delta-E measuring devises
  • Surface treatment thickness analyzers
  • Roughness meters
  • Hardness meters
  • Height meters
  • Pneumatic diameters measuring devices
  • Heavy duty impact tester
  • Infra-red thermographic camera
  • Hot and cold cycles testing chamber
  • Helium and hydrogen leak test devices
Corporate Social Responsibility
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